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Setting The Scene For Using Automation & AI In Financial Data Management – How To Get To The True Value Of Data?

Most businesses and academic institutions are acutely aware of the storm the AI, machine learning and automation is causing in the world of business, academic research and everyday family life.

From those who believe AI will save the world from cancer and natural catastrophes, to those who are warning the world that we are already living in a virtual reality controlled by AI, everyone is concerned and interested in the power and potential of this “magical” technology. Join this opening guest address to hear the big picture on business process automation, machine learning and AI from both business and personal viewpoints. Find out what AI and automation are doing in the business world already, as well as how much benefit the technologies bring to certain domains of business, and what the main threats are. Get in on the data, the results and the examples of successful AI and robotics use. Build your strategy based on the mistakes and trials of the pioneers. Decide if AI is a serious option for your business, and if it is worth investing in now, to get ahead of the game. This talk will give you plenty of amazing examples, mind-blowing statistics and a glimpse into the future. And finally, find out what robotics, automation and AI will mean not only for your business, but for your children and their children.


Alexandra Foster

Head of Insurance & Finance Sector & Post Trade Services


Who is driving the digital age? Is it technology, or people?

People aren’t just users, they are in the driving seat. The real importance of digital to business is not the emergence of new technology, it’s the empowering of people – employees, or consumers – to do amazing things. Although technologies such as the Internet of Things, machine learning, and Blockchain are potentially disruptive, they won’t work unless we adopt them. This is why people are the biggest disruptors of the digital age. How do we put people into the centre of the innovation process?


Nicola Millard

Customer Insights & Futurology


Putting Data Management, Automation & AI At The Core Of Your Business – Co-creating AI Solutions In Capital Markets

Your board has by now accepted the unquestionable value of AI and automation of data in the CDO office. You have an effective data strategy in place and a great team to support it. The CDO is an all-important part of the C-level team of executives, and takes part in most board level decisions. The next step is robotics, automation and AI. You will inevitably seek new levels of data management, data mining, data analysis and business process automation to gain a competitive advantage in all parts of the business. All of those will require AI and business process automation. This panel is a discussion of the challenges and opportunities automation, AI and machine learning present to your business and your CDO’s approach to data. Putting automation and AI at the core of your strategy doesn’t mean releasing control. Quite the opposite – it means becoming more powerful and taking even more control of the information within your business. So does AI mean radical changes in the data office? Probably; but not necessarily. Do robotics, automation and AI mean people will lose jobs and all will be done by a machine? Again, this debatable and not yet clear. But one thing is clear, automation, robotics and AI are here to stay, grow and change the way data is managed and business is run in the finance world. So join this panel discussion to find out the how, the why and the how quickly. Join this talk to find out:

  • How AI may change the capital markets business in the future
  • How banks can make use of opportunities provided by new technologies
  • New approaches of AI co-creation between banks and data science start-ups

Roland Fejfar

Morgan Stanley


Michael Natusch

Global Head of AI


Pierre F. Suhrcke

Managing Partner
Acorus Capital


Rob King

Wzard Innovation


Using AI and Blockchain For Regulatory Compliance. What Can Algo-Regulation Do For Your Chief Data Office ?

Regulation is at the core of everything your chief data office does, and will continue to be a huge burden on the value of your organisation. Most see regulation as a necessary evil, with little or no opportunity. This talk is about how you can change regulatory compliance into a valuable opportunity while automating the process through AI and distributed ledger. Join Professor Treleaven to hear about his research and his team’s achievements in algo-regulation. Find out the vision behind using AI in regulatory compliance, data analytics and back office management. Regulation doesn’t need to be a burden, it can create value, build products and avoid huge consequences, if used effectively and efficiently.


Professor Philip Treleaven

Professor & Director of UK Financial Computing Centre
UCL London


INDUSTRY PANEL AND AUDIENCE DISCUSSION: How Are Automation & AI Changing The Role & Importance Of CDO & Their Office – Could It All Be Just A Hype?

AI is real: no question about that. Super computers are solving super problems and are coming up with super insights into many the challenges and problems faced by the world. But if it is so real, why has it not been adopted faster and more widely in your finance and data sectors? Could it be that your architecture is too clumsy to integrate with the latest AI solutions and ideas? Could it be that your people have failed to buy into the idea, and are worried about ‘uber’ automation leading to loss of jobs? Or is it just the fear of the unknown that is slowing the adoption of AI into the financial institutions? This panel will gather together a selection of data executives from top financial institutions with opposing views.

The skeptics will talk about why they are not adopting AI in a hurry, whilst the enthusiasts will show you their AI footprint and plans for the future. Join the debate and make up your mind on how AI is changing the role of the CDO. Perhaps this is all just a hype, but it could also be costly to wait and find out the hard way.


Professor Philip Treleaven

Professor & Director of UK Financial Computing Centre
UCL London


Hany Chouieiri

Head of Data Governance & Strategy (CDO)
EMEA at State Street


Igor Lobanov

Head of Systems Architecture


Drink Coffee, Network & Benchmark In The Exhibit Hall


INDUSTRY PANEL AND AUDIENCE DISCUSSION: Enabling Effective Decisions & Value Creation Through Business Process Automation & AI – Data Office As The Driver Of Your Business

When was the last time you made a huge personal decision based on advice from a machine? Bought a house? Changed car? Got married? Had an operation on Thursday instead of Wednesday? Had another child? Moved country? Surely never. Because it doesn’t feel right. And yet, machines and robots are already deeply involved in investment advice, credit checks, economic forecasts, and advice to both governments and large businesses. This panel will be looking specifically at what your data organization can do with automation, robotics and AI to enable better, more effective and more profitable decisions across all business.

From KYC to product innovation, everything it seems can use the help of machines and ‘machine learning’. In fact, there are new ideas and great insights to be found hidden in your data, and these can only be accessed by learning machines. Find out from our panel of data veterans specifically what they are thinking and doing now to enable more use of automation, robotics and AI in decision-making in the business. Get their results. Hear about their concerns.

Leading Technology Firms


Sue Baldwin

Data Expert, 3rd Party Oversight, EMEA
JP Morgan


Richard Ellison

Formerly CDO & Deputy CFO


Peter Van Kleef

Lakeview Capital


CLIENT ONBOARDING & KYC PANEL: What Can Automation & Machine Learning Do For Your Customer Management Strategy?

Most KYC strategies will be using some sort of automation, robotics & AI tools to get even closer to their customers and to build up the quality of client data. This session will focus on the practical tools and strategies you can employ today to improve your client on-boarding and KYC processes.

  • Where in your KYC strategy can robotics be implemented best?
  • Potential value of automation in customer management
  • Who owns the customer data and can it be used with AI?
  • Measuring the true return on investment automation and machines in KYC and client on-boarding

Julia Sutton

Group Customer Data Manager


Niall Twomey

Chief Technology Officer


Sean Taylor

Executive Director
Canaccord Genuity Group


Lunch, Network & Benchmark

This stream is chaired by:


Andrew Burgess

Strategic AI Consultant

This stream is chaired by:


Rob King

Wzard Innovation


DATA GOVERNANCE: Using Automation & AI To Implement A Business Driven Data Governance Strategy – What Is Stopping Us?

Data maturity models and prescriptive rules have to integrate with your automation tools in order for it to have an impact. Data governance is one of the most challenging aspects of financial data management. It is hardly surprising that most banks and asset managers are investing heavily in robotics, deep learning and AI. This case study will focus on some innovative ideas and their implementation in a real data management strategy with its legacy systems, maturity models, multiple users and requirements. Join to hear about the mistakes and the results your colleagues achieved so far.

Senior Data Governance Executive, Bank/Asset Manager


Julian Dorado

Director of Data Management


Dhiraj Saxena

Enterprise Business Architect
Deutsche Bank


Mark Wilson

Head of Data Quality UK

Looking At The Future Of AI & Its Role In Every Financial Institution

AI has only just appeared. Most companies are not yet affected by AI. It will help every data manager analyse data more effectively, it will help automate processes, but the interesting questions is – how will it change things profoundly? Companies will be able to not only predict but fully control their future. Sounds positive? Perhaps a little bit scary? Join this talk to hear the ideas, details and to debate AI with a true expert.

  • How new a technology is Artificial Intelligence “AI”
  • How Artificial Intelligence can affect companies
  • The key to a successful Artificial Intelligence initiative
  • How AI can help build enterprise-wide feedback loops where they can learn from what’s happened through automation
  • To choose Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or both for your enterprise

Michael Natusch

Global Head of AI



How To Encourage, Manage & Benefit From Blockchaing– Prepare To Handle The Unexpected


Florian Graillot

Senior Associate
AXA Strategic Ventures


In this presentation, we will take look at what Disruption actually is and why it isn’t innovation. You will see why it’s not only desirable but essential to the success of all our businesses, why it’s inevitable, how you can spot it and what happens when you fail to prepare for it. Take a look at some classic examples of disruption at product line and business sector level to deepen our understanding of the power of disruption.

Then, you will be taken throug a quick journey through the past 200 years to see what disruption looks like on a truly global scale. You will see what global disruptions have occurred, how they have shaped the world we live in and how they led us to our exiting global disruptive state – The Age Of Information. You will see that global disruption is predictable and take lessons from our examples to understand how to survive and thrive when disruption happens, and see why disruption truly dictates how the world works.


Mark Allen

Head of UK Data Governance - Managing Data Steward
Capital One


DATA QUALITY PANEL: Can Automation & AI Truly Rescue & Support Your Data Quality Strategy? How So & How Quickly?

Your data office is only as good as your data quality. Everyone agrees on this. So then the question becomes – how good should your data be? Is 70% good enough? Or maybe 90%? What if you could have 100% proof data quality? How would it affect the bottom line and your role in the business? Because AI is perhaps the only tool that can achieve this. Should you give up on humans, and just entrust your data quality with automated robots in that case? But how would you measure and control quality in a data organization if robots and AI were in charge? Join this panel to get different perspective to all of the above questions and much more.

  • Measuring data quality against rules
  • Analytics as applied to machines & AI
  • Measuring data quality with the help of machine learning – making rules more complex and improving rules

Leading Data Vendor


John Varga

Global Risk Management HQ, Business Data Coordinator
Nomura International


Giancarlo Pellizzari

Head of Supervisory Statistics Division
European Central Bank


Sam Pandya

Director, Data Quality
Deutsche Bank


Olivier Rose

Head of Projects & International Master Data Management Production
Societe Generale

ARCHITECTURE & AUTOMATION PANEL: Building Your AI Strategy To Take Advantage Of Your Existing Architecture – Possibilities & Challenges

If you ask any architect in any financial institution what would make their job easier and more effective, the answer will almost always and inevitably be – I WISH WE COULD GET RID OF OUR OLD LEGACY SYSTEMS! The legacy systems are dragging everything down, and are standing in the way of effective business process automation, Machine Learning and the implementation of new tools. This is why we have gathered financial architects to discuss, debate and share their experiences of how they are tackling the challenge of automating and integrating AI into their legacy systems. Lots of things are impossible, or very expensive, but there are always great ideas and tactics you can employ to get the maximum out of automation, robotics and AI despite your legacy architecture. Join this panel to find out how.


John Denheen

Head of Data
Tyler Capital


Victor Lebreton

Capital Markets & Investment Management
Ecole Centrale d’Electronique


Tom Dalglish

VP, Cognitive Automation


Coffee, Network & Meet Future Partners


HUMANS VS AI PANEL & DEBATE: Balancing Humans & Machines In Your Data Management Strategy – Should We Limit Robots & AI Before They Takes Control?

There is an opinion that each financial institution of the future will be run by one computer, one human and one large dog. The computer will run the business process, the dog will guard the computer and the human will feed the dog. Do you agree? It sounds like an extreme scenario to most, but… This panel discussion is all about the value that human expertise, interaction and experience brings to your data office and organisation. AI will do more and more with data, but will it ever take over thanks to what are becoming its super-human powers? At some point robots will become as intelligent as a human, and then they will need only one more day to become far more powerful, to then learn everything we know and more, and in a very short time. So what then? Join this panel to debate the all-important question of how far you should let your machine and AI strategy penetrate your data organisation and your business overall.


Andrew Burgess

Strategic AI Consutant


Mahendra Jape

Director & Data Governance Leader
GE Capital


Peter Jackson

Chief Data Officer
Southern Water


Simon Hayter

Head of Analytics Strategy
Close Brothers

AI FOR DISRUPTION PANEL: Disrupt Or Be Disrupted – Can Organizations Use AI To Push The Boundaries Of Innovation Against The Rise Of Fintech Start-ups?

Fintech is not just another bubble. It is swiftly taking over the world of finance. In fact, Fintech is the fastest growing industry in the financial services. Financial institutions stand to lose millions if they don’t regroup to compete with the new ideas and new products from the start-ups. This is why most banks, brokers and asset managers have invested in start-up incubators, and fintech accelerators and are now buying fintech companies. One of the biggest threats to a start-up that has been swallowed up by a large financial institutions is death by suffocation. Small start-ups simply don’t manage to integrate into the large financial machines and eventually their idea becomes a small little cog in a large company with little return to show. This panel is about fostering innovation in finance, both in large and small firms. It is about finding talent, finding new products, getting to know your customer and sourcing new ideas. Join those who have been successful in building innovation in their firms.


Peter Sarlin

RiskLab Finland


Frank Abbenhuis

VP, Wholesale Banking Advanced Analytics


Simon Gregson

Chief Information & Operations Officer


GUEST SPEAKER: Surviving AI – What Will Super-intelligence Do To Us & Our World?

This talk is about the possibility that the first machine with human-level cognition may be created within a few decades.  If and when that happens, it will be closely followed by the arrival of the world’s first superi-ntelligence, and humans will become the second smartest species on the planet. Some years or decades before then, intelligent machines may render most humans unemployable.

Calum Chace thinks these two developments are so radical that they both deserve to be called “singularities”, a term borrowed from maths to denote maximum transformation.  They are, respectively, the technological singularity and the economic singularity.

The consequences of human-level artificial intelligence (artificial general intelligence or AGI) would be astonishing. The consequences of technological unemployment, if it happens, will also be profound.  Both these developments could have wonderful consequences for us – or terrible ones.  And the outcome is partly up to us. Want to hear the insight and details behind these ideas? Join this talk just before lunch and find out how AI is going to change our world forever


Calum Chace

Surviving AI


End of Conference


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