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Chair’s Welcome Address


Alexandra Foster

Director Insurance, Wealth Management & Financial Services


GUEST ADDRESS: Using Intelligence As A Tool For Business, the World & Yourself

AI is not going away. Indeed, it is likely to speed up its takeover of data, processes and decision making. So the question is – how will your business, your job and your life change as the machines come to prevail? Some say that the moment an AI reaches human intelligence levels, it will only take 24 hours further for it to then reach far higher, and ultimately dominate the whole world, getting rid of other machines and most importantly us humans. Others argue that machines are already learning without human control and are bound to eradicate human participation and human life shortly. So should we be afraid? Could there be a different scenario, where AI compliments human ability and amazing results are achieved? After all, we now have the data to eradicate disease, grow enough food, achieve world peace and bring purpose to everyone’s life. It is just that we haven’t been able to take advantage of this data. Join this talk then to hear about the future of AI as it applies to your job, your business, your financial institution, politics, family and personal life. Take a peak into the future and be amazed. Find out what the most important questions and challenges are and where you can take advantage of machines and AI. Be inspired by AI!


Abhijit Akerkar

Head of Applied Sciences Business Integration
Lloyds Banking Group


AUTOMATION, AI & RPA: Working Strategies, Results & Disruption For Your Data?

After automation comes RPA and then AI. Is your data organisation ready for AI and machine learning? Both technologically and emotionally? Is your team prepared to accept AI and work with it, for it and possibly even under it? This panel will explore the working RPA, AI and automotion strategies and technologies that are transforming data organisations and financial institutions. The goal is to discuss only those ideas and experiences that really work and bring true benefit to your business. Panellists will share their experiences in:

  • Managing the shift from automation to AI in your organisation
  • Finding the parts of your data strategy where AI could make the biggest impact
  • Culture challenges – how to persuade the workforce to embrace AI?
  • Innovative AI vs legacy systems
  • Implementation challenges
  • Measuring ROI and value of machines in your data organisation
  • Preparing for the next generation of RPA, AI and automation
  • Best technologies that really worked and made a big difference

Leo Gosland

Senior Manager, Advanced Analytics


Brian Wates

Head of Global Process Solutions (formerly)
Fidelity International


Annalisa Picciolo

Director, Listed Derivs


Kathleen Moore

CIO Automation, Global Operations


Drink Coffee, Network & Discover The Fintechs In The Exhibit Hall


ONE CUSTOMER ONE VIEW: Achieve a Truly Joined Up Customer View While Coping With Multiple Legacy Systems

The GDPR deadline has been and gone, and we have all had hundreds of privacy policy emails, but has the challenge of effective KYC been solved? Most surely not. Having one joined up view of your customer is perhaps the biggest challenge financial institutions are facing today. Everything depends on the data you hold about the customer. If the data is incomplete, not joined up and not available for analysis, then your business will fail. After all, this is why almost every business is afraid of the behemoth of Amazon taking over. Because one thing is clear: Amazon has excellent customer data, a wonderful customer journey and state of the art analytics. They know more about you than you do yourself. They can predict your life and your behaviours, and therefore they can offer you products that you will need tomorrow and next week. Why can’t financial data not offer the same opportunity and the same amazing insight? Well, of course it can, and some organisations are using most amazing strategies, technologies, start up apps, legacy systems, human insight and analytics to build new products, prevent fraud, consolidate customer view and improve customer journey. This panel will explore:

  • Customer data consolidation vs legacy systems – do incumbent banks have a chance?
  • Building customer journey through unified and quality customer view
  • Changing customer journey with innovative apps and according to customer needs
  • Innovating products based on customer data
  • Preventing and spotting fraud with customer data – the role of machines and AI
  • Automation of KYC – a long road ahead

Rob King



David Masters

Chief Data Officer (CDO) for Prime Busines (Global) & SGIL (UK)
Societe Generale


Colin Ware

Regulatory Product Manager
BNY Mellon


Dhiraj Saxena

Independent Consultant


REGTECH & DATA: Managing Regulatory Compliance & Risk Through Cost Effective Technology That Works

Regulatory compliance must have been the single most costly and most painful challenge the financial industry has ever had to face. It nearly bankrupted many financial institutions and it completely turned the industry both in terms of process and principles. However, most financial institutions have seen regulation as a massive but necessary cost. And now the time has come to automate your regulatory compliance to the point of turning it into a competitive advantage and a source of revenue. But the thousands of apps, platforms, and solutions make the task of choosing your strategy complicated and difficult. Then comes the integration with existing systems… So join this panel to hear about the most innovative, most interesting and most cost-effective ways of using this technology to deal with the regulatory pressure. Every financial institution has a long road ahead of them in terms of regulatory compliance, and data organisations stand behind most regulatory challenges. Be proactive, find the best strategy for you and avoid the dreaded penalties!


Jerry Goddard

Director, Wholesale Risk
Santander UK


Tom Dalglish

GadgIT Data Systems


PJ Giammarino



Networking for Impact

Many of your roles could be seen as both ‘invaluable’ and yet at the same time ‘undervalued’ in the way that people interact with you. Building your personal network and ‘brand’ within your organization can transform the impact and leverage you can have and give you the chance to truly show the value you can deliver. In this keynote you will learn how to:

• Take a simple and strategic approach to internal networking
• Focus your communication style to boost your personal brand
• Use fast techniques to gain peoples interest and trust.

In this informative, insightful and witty keynote, you will come out with practical and pragmatic tips and techniques that you can instantly put to into practice in the workplace


Christopher Barrat

Greystone Consulting


Lunch & Discover The Fintechs In The Exhibit Hall




Rob King

Wzard Innovation


FRAUD PREVENTION: Using AI, Machine Learning & Automation In Data To Prevent Fraud

If fraud was eliminated, profits would rocket and costs would tumble! How many times have you heard that from your board of directors? Many times. The only chance to get rid of fraud or at least reduce it to less than 1% is by using machines and AI. There simply isn’t enough human capital in any organisation to fight every case of fraud. So, what is the challenge? Why aren’t you using AI to spot and prevent fraud? Is it a lack of trust? Or is it fear? This panel is focusing on the working solutions, effective strategies and true results of using analytics, machine learning, and AI in conjuction with available data to eliminate fraud. Find out what others are doing. Get some interesting ideas and see some amazing new technologies. You will be amazed!


Duncan Minty

Finance Ethics Specialist


Han Veldwijk

Senior Business Integrator
Lloyds Banking Group


Hany Choueiri

Strategic Data Consultant


Rachana Reddy

Assistant Vice President, Front Office xVA Technology
Deutsche Bank


DATA LAKES, CLOUDS, OCEANS & MARSHES: An Figment Of Imagination or An Effective Business Tool?

First there was cloud, then data warehouses, then data lakes, followed by data marshes and bogs. What next? Data oceans and data galaxies sound both possible and exciting. But the question is, are these data lakes actually a reality, or are they just a great image that everyone loves to refer to, but no one actually uses or has? Well, this panel is about the future of data lakes and the goal is to show working examples with results, costs savings and some amazing data insight. So come and join those of your peers who have experience and views on data lakes and marshes.


Angela Johnson

Programme Director
Deutsche Bank


Peter O’Hanlon

Head of Group Corporate Treasury Technology
Lloyds Banking Group


Coffee & Discover The Fintechs In The Exhibit Hall


DISTRIBUTED LEDGER: What Can Blockchain Do For Your Data Organisation & How Quickly?

Everyone is investing in blockchain. The expectation is that distributed ledger will solve all our problems. Data will become clean, 100% accurate and instantly available thanks to blockchain. Your data analytics will be producing the most astonishing results thanks to blockchain. The world will become a better place because of blockchain. Sounds familiar? …. Now, how can you implement or even prepare for blockchain in your data organisation? What is it that it can do for you and your data office today? This panel discussion will challenge the now established belief in blockchain and it will be up to you to decide if your data organisation is in need of blockchain and why


Barry Childe

Head of Distributed Ledger & Cryptocurrency Technology


Michele Curtoni

Digital Assets, Blockchain
State Street


Ken Marke

Chief Marketing Officer


CHATBOTS: Everyone Wants A Chatbot – But Why?

They are annoying, stupid, don’t understand you, can’t hear, repetitive, inefficient, they hang up on you, they don’t answer the question and they cost a fortune. Does that sound like the last chatbot you spoke to, or tried to build into your business? It well might. And yet everyone wants a chatbot. Why, Oh Why? Then again, automobiles used to be like this… They were unreliable, broke often, didn’t start, constantly need attention and had lots of design faults. But cars improved. Now, it is surely the turn of chatbots. So, should you have one? What can it do for you business? Is it just a fad and there is no point in getting excited about chatbots until they grow out of their poor performance stage? It is time to find out, and see some demos as well. Make your mind up based on experiences, evidence and science.


Dr Nicola J. Millard

Head of Customer Insight & Futures


G P Singh

VP, Head – dbChatbots & RPA Architecture, Robotic Centre of Excellence
Deutsche Bank


AGENT PROVOCATEUR: Get Inspired By AI & Machine Learning – Don’t Get Left Behind!


Kathleen Moore

CIO Automation, Global Operations


End of Conference


FindataAI will give you invaluable insight into the strategies of your peers and competitors.

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